So you eat healthy, right?

Food is such a hard topic to discuss. It really is and I get it. We are used to our comfort foods and so many of us try to eat healthy. Yet when we look in the mirror we quietly admit that we don't feel our best anymore. But we eat very healthy, right? I hear this from so many people, even from those who struggle with colitis, diverticulosis or any inflammatory bowel disease or auto-immune problems. I'm sure many people are trying to be health conscious, following diets and guidelines, or just eating to manage calories in-calories out, but they may be missing the bigger picture. If someone has intestinal or other chronic health issues, well, they are probably not eating the healthiest for t

Do you know your metabolic AGE?

With the new year, there is so much talk about diets, fats, weight loss pills or much hyped protein powders to improve metabolism and lose weight - yet none of these take into consideration your health conditions, lifestyle or background. Many people don't even consider metabolism when it comes to improve their health, as they only want a "quick fix" and be done with it. Finding out your metabolic age can be astounding, since it will highlight just how healthy your body is truly functioning. Imagine stepping on a smart scale only to find out that your metabolic age is well above your actual age? Pretty scary, right?! Your metabolism is the sum of all chemical reactions in your system. It all



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