Could inflammation be the root cause of your health issues?

Inflammation is our body’s healthy response when it comes to acute injury as our self-defence mechanism, however, when we fight chronic and/or hidden inflammation, it can simply turn into a more wide spread disease. Almost every modern health problem - heart disease, cancer, obesity, diabetes, dementia, arthritis, autoimmune diseases, allergies and digestive disorders - are caused by or affected by inflammation.(1,2) The root causes of inflammation can stem back to childhood, such as how we were born, if we were breastfed, how much antibiotic treatments we received, but they also come from current issues like taking NSAID drugs, being under too much stress, consuming excessive levels of alco

LOVE YOUR LIVER ... is it time to clean the filter?

The results are in, the numbers are up and your liver is in desperate need for a good cleanse. You are told to check back in a month to see what changes…. But what now? DO YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO DO? If you are one of the many who have not been given any guidance on what to do to cleanse and detox your liver, fear not, below are a few things you can do to improve your numbers by your next doctor's visit. My favorite point is #3! 1. HYDRATE I know... It is always #1 on my lists but it is so important to drink plenty of water! You must consume enough H2O to flush out toxins but be choosy - filter your water or find a good source of spring water. Chlorinated, unfiltered tap water will



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