With a few weeks into the year, most of us have probably made a good effort to start or stick with our new year’s health resolutions… But let me ask you: What program have you chosen? A 14-day detox? A 21-day sugar elimination? Or no alcohol for the month of January? While these are all wonderful intentions, are you indeed setting yourself up to a healthier you or will you eventually go back to the way you were before you started? And more so, will you know what really worked about your diet in the first place? When health conditions pop up, they likely have been accumulating for months, years or even decades and to address inflammation and reverse unwanted health conditions you need time,


Juicing... I hear you sigh... It is perceived very messy and a pain in the rear to clean up. Trust me, I hear you. But read on - I may just change your mind. JUICING is not just for cleansing. Instead, it can be viewed as one of the key elements of “food as medicine”. As a wonderful friend of mine, Anna Maria Aliano from the Gerson Institute quotes: “What you eat or drink today becomes your cells of tomorrow, healthy cells become healthy organs which then become a healthy Body”. You feed your body with right nutrients and you feel so much better on the long run. With juicing, you can get nutrition to your cells the fastest possible way. Minimal digesting, no delays. It is instantly absorbed

5 things for a healthier lifestyle you can start today

Are you concerned about your health but don’t know where to start? Do you dislike intimidating rules and diets? Well this one is for you. Diets often don’t work as they put us on a regimen that doesn’t work for changing real-life schedules, plus once the time is up you are back to where you started (aka off-the-wagon) and you won’t necessarily know what worked and what didn’t. It’s all about “baby steps” when it comes to changing your habits to a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle. When you take the change step-by-step, you have a chance to get used each change and incorporate them into your daily routine without feeling overwhelmed, deprived or miserable. Instead of focusing on what you



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