January 21, 2019

With a few weeks into the year, most of us have probably made a good effort to start or stick with our new year’s health resolutions…  But let me ask you: What program have you chosen? A 14-day detox? A 21-day sugar elimination? Or no alcohol for the month of January?


January 12, 2019

Juicing... I hear you sigh... 

It is perceived very messy and a pain in the rear to clean up.  Trust me, I hear you. But read on - I may just change your mind. 

JUICING is not just for cleansing. Instead, it can be viewed as one of the key elemen...

Inflammation is our body’s healthy response when it comes to acute injury as our self-defence mechanism, however, when we fight chronic and/or hidden inflammation, it can simply turn into a more wide spread disease.

Almost every modern health problem - heart disease, ca...

The results are in, the numbers are up and your liver is in desperate need for a good cleanse. You are told to check back in a month to see what changes…. But what now?


If you are one of the many who have not been given any guidan...

July 8, 2017

It is easy to feel lost and overwhelmed in today’s nutritional world, when there are so many healthy trends that claim to be “good for you”.

I have personally tried many diets but there was always something that my body didn’t agree with and was "not so good for me” aft...

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