"Viktoria is a skillful professional.  She is a no-nonsense coach, always being persistent with a sincere approach to nourishing. She has excellent presentation skills.  She follows up and checks in, and is always willing to share ideas on how to overcome pitfalls in the journey.

Viktoria's youthful appearance and ever-present smile are a living witness to her practicing what she preaches.  I am glad to know her.  Listen to her and start on a path to healthier living."

J.P. Willoughby OH

"My meetings with Viktoria were relaxed and unhurried. Many ideas and suggestions were offered for me to try to implement into my food plan and daily routines. Her continued follow-up/prompt communication made it easy to stick to my plan and her helpful recipes complemented the food plan that was established. Her cooking classes helped me to try new foods. They were easy for me to do at home, too. After following the established health plan, I was able to reduce some of my medications while eliminating some others and lose some unwanted weight. My primary doctor was pleased with my results, too!"

L.K. Mentor OH

"Viktoria is extremely knowledgeable on food nutrition and healthy living! When I started working with her I thought I was eating healthy but quickly learned that it was not the case. Viktoria taught me how to make better choices when grocery shopping and also what vitamins to take to keep my body cleaner. She has a lot of patience and will give you as much informational material that you want to read more about. She truly is a great health coach by supporting you and encouraging you to live healthier. After two sessions with her I decided to really step up my game on tackling my health. I asked Viktoria to help me with meal preps and this has been by far one of the best decisions that I have made. She introduced me to healthy and delicious foods and I am eating more vegetables than ever!

For anyone who is looking to get healthier and not by a diet than Viktoria is your person! She will help you and your family change poor eating habits into positive life changing accomplishments! 

Jessica Lariccia

Teacher, runner and cross-country coach



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