Do you know your metabolic AGE?

With the new year, there is so much talk about diets, fats, weight loss pills or much hyped protein powders to improve metabolism and lose weight - yet none of these take into consideration your health conditions, lifestyle or background. Many people don't even consider metabolism when it comes to improve their health, as they only want a "quick fix" and be done with it.

Finding out your metabolic age can be astounding, since it will highlight just how healthy your body is truly functioning. Imagine stepping on a smart scale only to find out that your metabolic age is well above your actual age? Pretty scary, right?!

Your metabolism is the sum of all chemical reactions in your system. It allows you to grow, heal or maintain your body’s structures (bone, organs, cells), and respond to the environment. Proper nutrition is key to metabolism.

So what can you do improve your metabolism and reverse your metabolic age?

Here are few things to consider:

  • You have to nourish your body with proper, quality food to fuel metabolism. Eating nutrient-dense foods (lean proteins, healthy fats, high-fiber vegetables and low-glycemic fruits) instead of high-calorie foods (pizza, cheesesteaks, bagels, baked goods, soda) will make your meals not only bigger but will give you more energy as well.

  • Understand your basal metabolic rate (BMR). It is the measure of the energy used to support the function of your vital organs or simply put, to keep you alive. Every calorie that is consumed over your basal metabolic rate can be stored as body fat if you are not active enough to use it as fuel.

  • Cutting down on stored body fat to lose weight is the primary task. It is very easy to lose weight incorrectly, while reducing muscle mass or just releasing extra water, which is exactly what happens with most quick-fix, fad diets and supplement programs/ cleanses.